Are there any advantages and disadvantages of inverter compressor refrigerators?

Summary:Advantages of frequency conversion:First: Compared with fixed frequency, the biggest advantage is not power saving (alth...
Advantages of frequency conversion:
First: Compared with fixed frequency, the biggest advantage is not power saving (although the manufacturer has always promoted this focus), the most important thing is the preservation effect. The inverter compressor can respond to different speeds according to the comprehensive information of the refrigerator computer board and temperature-sensing components, so that the expectation of small temperature fluctuations in the refrigerator can be realized to a greater extent. The temperature fluctuation is small, and the food will not spoil due to the accelerated temperature caused by unstable temperature.China Commercial Ice Machine Suppliers
Second: The inverter compressor will not shut down, but will only run at low speed, which can save electricity, because the moment the compressor starts is the most power-consuming time.
First: According to the feedback on the market, the sound of the inverter compressor is not quieter than the fixed frequency. But the frequency conversion will keep the refrigerator in a stable state most of the time, and the compressor speed is relatively low, so the sound perception is indeed smaller.
Second: Compared with fixed frequency, frequency conversion has complicated compressor technology and may cause more problems than fixed frequency.
To sum up: It is better to buy a refrigerator to keep fresh, and it is better to buy a refrigerator, and the air conditioner is the same, which can make the use experience better. But the frequency conversion is also different. First is the frequency conversion method, and then the frequency conversion width (the adjustment range of the speed is large or small, and the small range is also called frequency conversion, but some manufacturers also call it frequency conversion)