Buying a Fridge For Camping Trips


Buying a portable fridge for use on camping trips is a […]

Buying a portable fridge for use on camping trips is a great idea. Many times when you are on a camping trip you will have a lot of food and beverages that you want to keep cold - either to make them taste better, or simply to keep them from going bad.

Without a camping fridge to refrigerate your perishables, your options are very limited. You can take an old fashioned cooler with ice, unfortunately this can be a rather 'wet' option. Once the ice melts you are left with a big mess, and no more cooling. Another option is to not take any perishables on your camping trip. This is fine if you do not mind living on crackers and potato chips, but being able to eat refrigerated food expands your possible diet significantly.China Car Refrigerators factory

The biggest benefit is the ability to drink ice cold drinks on your camping trip. With a cold beer or soda in your camping fridge, any trip is off to a great start. You will also find yourself the most popular guy in the campground, when everyone else is sitting around with their lukewarm cans of beer!

You do need to be sure to buy a camping refrigerator that is suitable for your needs. They come in all sizes, from ultra small easily portable models, to very large ones that are portable in name only. They generally can be powered by 12V DC as provided by a car battery. If you shop around you can also find models that will run off 110V AC mains power also.

Do be aware that if you are going to run a camping fridge off 12V DC, that you run the risk of running down your car battery if you are not careful. Therefore I strongly advise that if you do pursue that route you should invest in a second battery for your vehicle. You can add an auxiliary switch to your vehicle to prevent the camping fridge from drawing power from your starting battery, this will ensure that using camping refrigerators will never leave you stranded unable to start your car.

Another option many people utilize is the 3 way fridge, these flexible refrigerators which run on any of 3 different power sources can make a wonderful camping fridge also.