Carrying Refrigerator types

Summary:The first category is an earlier product. It may not be suitable to call it a refrigerator, because it does not have a c...
The first category is an earlier product. It may not be suitable to call it a refrigerator, because it does not have a cooling function, only a heat preservation function. When you use it, you must put the items to be refrigerated in the refrigerator and put them in an insulation box. If you put it in an ice bag, you can keep it frozen for a short time. The advantage of this refrigerator is that it does not consume electricity. You must know that the electricity on the car is exchanged for oil, and the price is relatively low. Insulation and less space.
The second type is a semiconductor car refrigerator. The refrigeration temperature range is -5 to 65 degrees. The advantage of this method is that it can both cool and heat, and has a small capacity.
Semiconductor refrigerators have two functions of cooling and heating: in terms of cooling, the temperature is generally 10-15 ° C lower than the ambient temperature, but the heating temperature can be as high as 65 ° C. In addition, because there is no compressor, the semiconductor refrigerator has energy saving. Environmental protection, no noise, light weight and other advantages, the market price of one share between 200 yuan to 1,000 yuan. The advantage of this semiconductor electronic refrigeration vehicle refrigerator is that it is relatively cheap and easy to use. Such products are represented by cool bar refrigerators.China Car Refrigerators Manufacturers
Semiconductor electronic refrigeration is also called thermoelectric refrigeration, or temperature difference electric refrigeration. It is a refrigeration method that uses the "Peltier effect". It is called the world's three major refrigeration methods with compression refrigeration and absorption refrigeration.
The third category is the compressor-mounted refrigerator, which is large in size and is the mainstream direction for the development of future refrigerators. The disadvantage is that it is heavier and consumes more power. The compressors of domestic high-end compressors, automobile refrigerators are mainly German, and the quality is better.