Do large supermarket freezers have frequency conversion?


Super freezer frequency conversion, frequency conversio […]

Super freezer frequency conversion, frequency conversion represents energy saving in a sense. The popularity of frequency conversion refrigerators can not only save family expenses, but also reduce the consumption of social resources. However, there are many ordinary refrigerators Hot Popular Car Cooler Box Suppliersin the market that deceive consumption in the form of frequency conversion. So let’s take a look at the differences between the two and how to identify them?

  Ordinary refrigerator and inverter refrigerator

For example, the inverter refrigerator is a pleasant walk, you can walk a little faster or slower, while the ordinary fixed-frequency refrigerator is running, you stop and then continue running when you are tired, so from the perspective of the refrigerator , The inverter refrigerator reduces the number of machine starts, can make the refrigerator run more stable, and also save electricity.

An ordinary refrigerator is at full load from start to finish. For example, if the watt rate of a refrigerator is 160W, then it will always remain at 160W when it is running, while the same 160W inverter refrigerator will run for a period of time. As the temperature in the refrigerator decreases, the watt rate will also decrease, so from this perspective, inverter refrigerators are more energy-efficient.




However, the price of domestic frequency conversion refrigerators is much higher than that of fixed frequency refrigerators. However, frequency conversion refrigerators are more energy-efficient and have a longer service life. In the long run, they are more cost-effective. The preservation effect of frequency conversion refrigerators is also better than ordinary refrigerators. better. For example, the more popular Hisense BCD-202VBP three-door inverter refrigerator has good energy-saving effects.

  How to identify inverter refrigerator

   Then how do we tell if the refrigerator freezer is a frequency conversion?

  1, there will be a variable frequency drive module above the compressor of the inverter refrigerator.

  2, the temperature change frequency of the energy-saving refrigerator is small, and no ice crystals are produced during rapid cooling.

  3, the inverter refrigerator models are marked with "BP", such as the Hisense BCD-202VBP inverter refrigerator mentioned above.

  4, the key to inverter refrigerators is "change", which means that when the refrigerator is working, the frequency will automatically change, and the wider the range of changes, the better the performance.

   Although the actual purchase price of inverter refrigerators is more expensive, due to durability, fresh-keeping effect, and strong energy saving, inverter refrigerators will inevitably become mainstream refrigerators in the future.

   The above is what the freezer manufacturers share today about the variable frequency content of large-scale commercial super freezers. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you have more knowledge about the freezer, please contact us in time.