Does the car's coolant have a corrosive effect on the engine?


Coolant can be said to be the second most important oil […]

Coolant can be said to be the second most important oil for the engine. In addition to heat dissipation and antifreeze, high-quality coolant also has anti-corrosion, anti-rust, anti-boiling, lubricating and other functions. High-quality coolant is ethylene glycol , Propylene glycol and other alcohol raw materials are blended with distilled pure source water and various additives, and high-quality coolant will not corrode parts. On the contrary, it will protect parts from corrosion.

Ordinary household cars are generally replaced every two years or 40,000 kilometers. Of course, the replacement can be decided according to the actual use of the car. If the intensity of the car is very high, it needs to be replaced in advance.Car cooler box

If the coolant is not changed for a long time, the quality of the antifreeze changes, and the quality of its internal rust is reduced, and the radiator and pipes will be damaged. answer

There are also parameters that affect the boiling point and freezing point, affect the antifreeze effect or the cooling effect.