How to use a car refrigerator

Summary:Using a Car Refrigerator is a good option when you want to keep the beverages in your car cold. A car refrigerator is a ...
Using a Car Refrigerator is a good option when you want to keep the beverages in your car cold. A car refrigerator is a device that is designed to store food or beverages inside of a car, and the car refrigerator can keep food or beverages cold, even during hot weather.During a vehicle running process, the air temperature fluctuates. This fluctuation can affect the temperature in the passenger compartment. The vehicle air conditioning system can obtain a rapid cold accumulating effect and maintain the cooling state in the passenger compartment. This cold accumulating effect can be obtained without being affected by the operation position of the air-conditioning equipment.The fifth embodiment of the present invention consists of a cold accumulator 40 arranged downstream of the evaporator 9. A corrugate fin 61 is inserted between the tubes 60 of the cold accumulator 40 to improve heat-exchanging efficiency. In addition, press-contacting corrugate fins 61 are applied on the outer surface of the tubes 60 of the cold accumulator.


This product is a DC car refrigerator with a size of 639*424*454(cm). It is composed of two parts: box and inner part (ST/SN/N). The temperature range for the three types is -18℃, with volume of 30L. It is used to keep food and beverages cold and fresh by using R134a gas, which can avoid condensation thanks to its insulation coating. This refrigerate has a surge protection function that greatly prevents any damage caused by current overloads.

The eighth embodiment of the present invention comprises a cold accumulator 40 constructed by fold and bending tubes 60 in a serpentine shape. Tubes 60 with thin walls can be folded and bent in a serpentine shape. Alternatively, tubes 60 with thick walls can be straightened.Having a foldable handle on your car refrigerator is a must if you are on the road for more than an hour. The foldable handle has four foot pads to make it easier to get the goods in and out of your vehicle. The handle is made of a heavy duty jute material which is easy to clean and can stand up to a beating. The foldable handle also has a multi-functional non-slip base. The handles can be locked in place to keep the fridge in place.In addition to the handle, the car refrigerator is also equipped with a built in 240V AC adapter to run it off of in your vehicle. This adapter also has a built in ceramic fuse to keep it from short circuiting. A built in USB Charging Port can charge your smartphone on the go. The cigarette light can also be used to charge your phone while you're at it.

Adding low voltage protection to your circuit can be useful in many ways. For instance, if you suddenly activate an electrical load, such as a fan or a microwave, low voltage protection can prevent damage to your device. In addition to the typical circuit breaker or fuse, low voltage protection can be added in a number of ways, such as using a timer circuit.Low voltage protection is best used for circuits that have a short power outage, such as those used for ventilation or lighting. It can also be used to prevent accidental over discharging of a battery. In fact, most portable freezers and refrigerators now have low voltage protection built into them.A low voltage indicator circuit, such as a volt meter that is directly connected to the battery, will show you the best voltage, but only if it's below 12.3.

The same goes for a low voltage indicator light, which is useful for checking voltages when you are using a portable appliance.During the global economic crisis, the car refrigerator market has been severely affected. However, with the emergence of new technologies, the market is expected to witness strong growth. Moreover, the changing living standards are likely to drive the demand for car refrigerators in the coming years. In addition to this, the market has been facing some restraints as well.The car refrigerator market is fragmented in various regions. South Asia and Oceania are the regions where the growth of the market has shown a positive trend. However, the regional clusters in South and East Asia are posing challenges for global players. Moreover, the rise in local players may endanger the existing players. In order to overcome these challenges, the manufacturers have adopted several strategies.