How to use car refrigerator at home?


2019-06-19  From: Guangzhou Zhongze Cold Chain Technolo […]

2019-06-19  From: Guangzhou Zhongze Cold Chain Technology Co., Ltd. Views: 38
The car refrigerator is portable and can be used in the car, outdoor and at home under the premise of meeting the power supply requirements; the general car refrigerator is 12V DC power supply, and the 220V AC power is used at home, so use the car refrigerator at home , You need a 12V to 220V power converter/power adapter.Commercial Ice Makers Manufacturers


(Now many car refrigerators have built-in converters) After connecting the line, it can be used normally at home; In addition, like all electrical appliances, car refrigerators should pay attention to external lines and power conversion interfaces to avoid contact with water as much as possible. .