Do mini fridges use a lot of electricity?

Summary: The power consumption of mini refrigerator is nothing compared with its advantages. Mini fridge is also called mini fri...

The power consumption of mini refrigerator is nothing compared with its advantages.

Mini fridge is also called mini fridge, or mini fridge. Mini refrigerator is generally suitable for indoor, outdoor, office and car. The small refrigerator not only can keep food fresh and refrigerate, but also has refrigeration function. The small refrigerator also has its own refrigeration room.


The characteristic of mini refrigerator is small volume, and the capacity space is generally in dozens to 100 L. Mini Fridge does not occupy more places, and it is convenient to handle. PP and ABS are generally used for materials. Generally, mini refrigerators have the functions of keeping fresh, refrigerated and frozen. The refrigeration mode includes direct cooling (with frost, manual defrosting is required), air cooling (no manual and intelligent defrosting is required).


Household: small size does not occupy space, so more used in rental, apartment and dormitory. Mini fridge for 1 to 3 people. Usually in addition to food preservation, refrigeration, freezing, you can also store some cosmetics and so on.

Office: mainly used for meeting room, office area, etc., to store some drinks, fruits, etc.

Car: usually self driving travel, family travel, long-distance business trip, etc., use 12V standard cable to connect the mini refrigerator to the cigarette lighter on the car.

In addition, to understand the performance of a small refrigerator, we also need to understand from three aspects: refrigeration mode, constant frequency / frequency conversion and cycle mode.

1. There are three refrigeration modes: direct cooling, air cooling and mixing, and their advantages and disadvantages are shown in the figure below. The best of the three refrigeration methods is mixing, followed by air cooling and direct cooling. Of course, the price is also mixing > air cooling > direct cooling.

2. Constant frequency / variable frequency:

Constant frequency: the compressor speed remains unchanged, and it will stop automatically after reaching the specified temperature. Similar to air conditioning, when the temperature rises, the compressor will restart automatically.

Frequency conversion: the refrigeration capacity of the refrigerator is controlled by the compressor automatically adjusting the speed, so the temperature control of the refrigerator with frequency conversion is accurate and balanced, but the price is generally more expensive than that with fixed frequency.

3. Cycle mode single cycle: the freezer is controlled by the freezer, so as long as the temperature difference in the freezer is too large, the compressor will automatically restart, and the freezer will be forced to cool. The air-conditioner has to be refrigerated for a cycle. If the refrigerator stores things with strong taste, it is easy to smell. Double cycle: the freezer and freezer use their own independent refrigeration system, the freezer and freezer do not interfere with each other, let alone smell. This kind of double cycle refrigerator has the advantages of low power consumption, low noise, accurate temperature control and stronger refrigeration capacity.