How to choose a car refrigerator

Summary:Whether it is to refrigerate food that needs to be kept fresh during an outdoor picnic, or to take out a can of iced dri...
Whether it is to refrigerate food that needs to be kept fresh during an outdoor picnic, or to take out a can of iced drinks at any time during a self-driving trip, the car refrigerator is a very useful "artifact". What are the different types of car refrigerators, and how to buy them?

The principle of the semiconductor car refrigerator is to rely on the electronic chip to produce the Peltier effect, which is a new type of refrigeration method through direct current refrigeration, and the refrigeration temperature range is 5℃ to 65℃. The advantages of this method are both cooling and heating, environmental protection, no pollution, small size, low cost, no vibration, noise, and long life. The disadvantages are poor cooling capacity, small storage capacity, short service life, no anti-vibration, anti-shake and car battery protection functions, and it is generally not recommended for use in complex outdoor environments. "Car owners can consult the sales staff in detail when purchasing. Generally, this kind of car refrigerator is cheaper." if the car owner chooses this kind of car refrigerator, in order to achieve a better storage effect, it is recommended to put the items that need to be refrigerated in the household refrigerator first. Store it for a period of time, and then move it to the semiconductor car refrigerator.

This way, on the one hand, it avoids a lot of power consumption and the cooling effect will be enhanced. Compressor car refrigerators are very similar to household refrigerators in operation, and even frequency conversion car refrigerators have appeared on the market, which can achieve larger refrigeration volume, and can achieve very good cooling effects at lower power consumption, and its lowest temperature It can reach -18℃, so as to achieve almost the same freezing capacity of household refrigerators. The key is that the efficiency is still very high, it can be stable and fast cooling and accurately control the temperature, and can realize the real ice-making function. The disadvantage is that the weight is heavier, the power consumption is relatively high, and the price is relatively high. It is suitable for car owners who require high refrigeration requirements, carry a large number of items, and require long-term refrigeration. "If the car owner does not have any requirements on the price, I suggest choosing a compressor car refrigerator. When buying a car refrigerator, you should also consider the capacity, consider the placement in the car, and measure the exact size before buying. Also consider Noise level, try to choose a quiet brand model.

In addition, when purchasing, pay attention to whether it has anti-vibration performance, anti-electromagnetic interference, battery low-voltage protection (to avoid running out of battery power after turning off and parking), anti-dumping protection and other functions car refrigerators mostly use points Smoke holes are used to obtain electricity, so the length of the power cord and the wiring method in the car need to be paid attention to. In the process of use, you need to pay attention to keeping the inside of the car refrigerator clean, and avoid putting corrosive or magnetic objects into the car refrigerator. Internal components cause damage. When placing the car refrigerator, the vent or heat dissipation part needs to be vacant, so as not to cling to the seat or trunk wall. The quality of heat dissipation will directly affect the cooling effect and service life.