How to extend the life of the ice machine

Summary: The parts of the ice machine are like various parts of the human body. Only when they are well protected can they not g...

The parts of the ice machine are like various parts of the human body. Only when they are well protected can they not get sick and the service life will be lengthened. First of all, you must choose a good brand to ensure the quality of the innate genes, and then look at the daily care. In fact, it is necessary to pay attention to the small details of many management and care ice machines. The following is a comprehensive summary. Xiaobian reminds everyone to be patient. After the following points, you will be asked to buy an ice machine to accompany you. Longer, improve your in-store performance.
        1. In the off-season season without using the ice machine, please wash the medium-sized detergent inside and outside the ice machine and dry it with a clean soft cloth. Wrap it in a transparent plastic bag for the machine. Never leave it on hold, or use it as a kitchen storage bin. The restaurant kitchen is the favorite place for rats to visit, and the gap inside the machine makes it easy for the mouse to get through the winter. This can damage the power cord and various wiring inside the machine, and even breed bacteria.
        2, may wish to arrange a clerk in the store to be responsible for the maintenance and operation of the ice machine. On the machine, the main operation method can be printed on the outside of the machine. According to the actual situation in the store, the time table for cleaning and maintenance is attached to the side of the machine to remind you not to miss the time node for regular cleaning and maintenance.
        3. It is recommended to use a three-stage fine filtration device with better drainage effect. The single-stage primary filter can only filter impurities in the water and does not act to soften the water. The small cost of purchasing a three-stage fine filter not only makes the ice crystals more crystal, but also extends the life of the machine. The filter should be replaced regularly, and it should not be replaced every three months. Some stores, the filter does not change once in a year or two, the filter has long been black. The ice from the ice making mechanism is unsanitary and even has a musty smell, which is not only bad for the machine, but also irresponsible for customers who taste milk tea.

        4. Regularly clean the ice thickness probe. The ice-thick probe is a white accessory that is hung on the ice tray (ice tray). There is a metal iron sheet close to the ice tray. 24 hours and continuous contact with the flowing water, it is easy to breed scale, and the probe is not sensitive. The machine will not transmit the signal to the computer board because the detection of the ice-thick probe is insensitive, which may cause the fault to not flow but not freeze or freeze but the ice is not easy to fall off.
        5. Air-cooled machines should be cleaned regularly (heat sink). (There is a key account in WeChat, you can view our WeChat history news)
        6. Unscrew the inlet pipe on the back of the machine regularly and clean the filter inside the inlet pipe (there is a key description in WeChat, you can view our WeChat history news)
        7. When the ice machine is not in use, please turn off the power at any time. Turn on the power for too long, and the machine button is easily short-circuited by moisture.
        8. The ice machine can only be used to make shaved ice drinks by breaking ice. Do not add other additives such as fruits, pulp, milk, etc. to the ice at the same time, so that the fruit mucus blocks the ice machine drain. Many shopkeepers who reported that the ice machine leaked water, when the door maintenance personnel opened the machine, they found that the inside was slimy. It was these substances that blocked the drain pipe and caused the machine to malfunction. Even the franchised store directly allows the ice machine to be in a long-term start-up state to produce crushed ice on a large scale, which seriously exceeds the original use power of the ice machine. It is recommended that the seafood sashimi shop can choose the snow machine of the summer snow brand to make the ice. It is directly used for seafood bottoming, which greatly saves labor and labor costs.
        9, a lot of ice machine repairs are leaking, of which 30% because the ice is placed inside the machine, the outside air is cold to form condensation on the outside of the fuselage, these are normal physical appearance, as long as you use a towel to dry it. It is not a machine failure. This situation is most likely to occur in air-conditioned environments with adequate heating in midsummer and severe winters.
        10. The filter core, water pipe, and ice machine belt of the ice machine are common consumables and are not covered by the machine warranty. The belt of the ice machine should normally be replaced once a year. Frequent store owners should regularly check the wear of the belt. After long-term use, the ice machine belt will wear out and will not be replaced in time. The worn debris will be blocked in the machine and affect the quality of shaved ice. It is found that the water leakage of the ice machine water pipe should be replaced in time, otherwise it will easily cause water flood during the closing of the store at night, causing unnecessary losses to the owner.