How to install the ice machine?

Summary:Commercial ice machines have long working hours due to their large usage. Therefore, there must be good installation, ma...
Commercial ice machines have long working hours due to their large usage. Therefore, there must be good installation, maintenance and maintenance, and the preparation before installing the boiler bai. Now we introduce some problems that should be paid attention to when installing the ice machine. We hope to share with you and learn from the preparation before installing the boiler.
1. The location where the ice maker is installed. It should be installed in the absence of direct sunlight and well ventilated. The ambient temperature in winter cannot be too low outside, because the water pipes installed outside the machine can easily freeze. The minimum ventilation distance of the condenser is at least 1 meter from the front and rear of the shelter, and the height is at least 50 meters from the roof. It is better to have a larger ventilation distance, and to keep the air flowing, and not to hold back the wind. If you can't find a suitable time, you can install a large and small suction device to allow the fresh air to exchange heat.
2. The ice maker must be installed on a solid ground, and the machine must be installed horizontally without tilting. Otherwise, the machinecooler box manufacturers will vibrate, and if the tilt is too large, it will store water in the refrigerator and affect the ice quality.
3. The ambient temperature of the ice maker is 5-38. The ambient temperature directly affects the ice production. This is why some customers often say that ice making is slow in summer. Water temperature 3-30C water temperature also affects ice production. Water temperature is inversely proportional to ice production. Water source pressure 1-5BAR.
4. After the ice maker is in place. Firstly, check whether the appearance of the machine is damaged, whether there is any foreign matter in the ice falling channel, whether the fan blades rotate flexibly, and whether there are oil traces around the welding joints of the unit. Check whether all the shut-off valves of the unit are open. This is where it should be opened. Check whether the oil level of the compressor is above the oil level line and whether it is short of oil. The oil pair has a lot to do with the service life of the compressor. I hope everyone pays attention to the oil level and oil color.
5. Check the voltage of the customer's home and the size of the air switch. The ice machine should have its own separate water valve and power supply to facilitate future maintenance.
6. When the water source is connected, whether the water pressure is normal and the water pressure is too low will cause the machine to alarm. In this regard, if the water pressure at the customer's home is stopped or the water is stopped, the customer is advised to store the water tank and booster pump. The water level of the inlet tank should be about 10 mm lower than the overflow. The water level can be adjusted by floating demand. Fushen can adjust it with a flat-blade screwdriver. The snowman needs to adjust the airbag angle after loosening the screw. It’s too simple to talk about the drainage.
7. Don't cool down immediately after the machine is powered on. The crankcase heater should be able to press the oil to heat up, but some machines are not necessary. Meiyoule has. Fujiho. There are some. Some Taikang is a heating belt.
8. Unit operation. Listen to the sound of the unit running. Depending on the icing condition of the evaporator, there are some machines that require salt water. Generally, it is better to add more than 200 grams of salt to a 30KG bucket. You can see the specific situation for yourself. The salt is added for the quality of the ice and the shedding of the ice. Also check if the water level of the manifold is normal. In some stores, I saw water spilling out while the ice was being made when the water pressure was too high. It's very simple to close the water valve in front of the manifold. I won't say much here.
9. Observe the compressor's back frost, frost to the compressor's return valve or return pipe compressor as a whole can not freeze. To prevent liquid shock, if there is not much fluorine, you can adjust the back frost by adjusting the expansion valve.
10. After the unit is operating normally. Test the protection function of the unit. You know that the water level float switch is the float switch by hand. Connect the two lines, in fact, it is a water level sensor for him to press down. The machine should stop. The full ice shutdown function blocks the power-off switch by hand. Generally, the unit should stop within three minutes. Now the machine is stopped first. The skates stopped after two minutes. The advantage of this is for the next start. Scrape all the ice in the entire ice bucket to facilitate starting the ice thickness. Ask the engineering department for signature after all tests are normal. And guide the engineering department to maintain and use the operation of the unit, as well as daily maintenance.