Ice machine daily maintenance

Summary: Ice machine use precautions1. Regularly clean the shunt pipe and sink scale foreign matter every week.(The shunt tube i...

Ice machine use precautions
1. Regularly clean the shunt pipe and sink scale foreign matter every week.
(The shunt tube is bundled with five or six cotton swabs and repeatedly scrubs the small hole to keep the hole open. The water flow is evenly distributed to ensure the fullness of the ice; the sink is cleaned with a clean wet cloth and a neutral detergent. The wash can ensure that the sink does not yellow. Pump does not card)
2. Clean the radiator regularly.
(The vertical ice machine radiator is located below the front of the ice machine, remove the screws on both sides of the blinds, remove the blinds, and the fish scale radiator on the left hand side; the split air-cooled ice machine radiator is behind the main machine. Remove the back panel, remove the cleaning filter and clean the fish scale radiator)
3. Regularly check the inflow rate.
(It is recommended to replace the filter element in the filter regularly every month. (If you change the filter element regularly, the ice machine will be short of water and the red light will flash, and the machine will stop automatically.)
4, ice thickness adjustment method
(Open the main panel or door panel of the ice machine, the white plastic piece with the T-shaped metal iron piece at the bottom of the ice tray is the ice thickness sensor - commonly known as the ice thickness probe. Experts recommend the metal iron piece of the ice thickness probe and The side spacing between the ice cubes is between 5 and 6 millimeters (mm) (reference material: three one dollar coins overlapped together)

How to properly maintain the ice machine and ice machine in the store
        If an ice machine can be properly maintained, the failure rate will be much lower. Doing a regular cleaning of the machine will effectively protect your business and reduce unnecessary waiting. When the machine fails, please call the relevant after-sales service phone in time. After receiving the machine failure repair, we will promptly call the phone to understand the fault condition. The fault that cannot be solved in the phone will be repaired by the master.
        After a failure, you can do some simple troubleshooting, such as whether the power supply is normal, whether the water pipe is open, and whether the water pressure is normal.
        For the maintenance items that should be paid attention to when using the machine daily, Xiaobian reminds the majority of Xiazhixu users here.
First, the ice machine is regularly maintained and cleaned.
        Practice has proved that because of the different water quality across the country, the frequency of repairing machines is also very different. In areas with good water quality, the machine failure rate is relatively low. In areas with poor water quality, important valve parts inside the machine are not only blocked at times, but even grow moss. Can it not affect the normal operation of the machine? Moreover, the water quality is not good, and it is easy to corrode the ice tray, which affects the smooth flow of ice. Therefore, it is very important to replace the filter element regularly and clean the externally cleanable part.
        1, the filter should be replaced every three months. Some stores, the filter does not change once in a year or two, the filter has long been black. The ice from the ice making mechanism is unsanitary and even has a musty smell, which is not only bad for the machine, but also irresponsible for customers who taste milk tea.
        2. Clean the ice thickness probe regularly. The ice-thick probe is a white part that hangs above the ice grid. There is a probe near the ice grid, which is dirty and insensitive. The machine will not fall off for a long time because it does not detect the current level of ice making.
        3, air-cooled machines should regularly clean the condenser (heat sink).

Second, the daily maintenance method of the ice machine
        The repair of the ice machine is mainly focused on the customer's long-term infinitely letting the machine open, and the ice machine error is used as an industrial ice crusher. It is necessary to know that the ice machine has power limitation. Keeping the machine in an open state for a long time will inevitably burn its computer board and other accessories directly. The seafood sashimi shop needs to be sashimi-bottomed. The correct way is to buy a snow machine with summer snow. The ice produced is directly crushed ice. The wrong way is to use the prepared ice-making manpower to stop the planing machine. Crushed ice
        1. When the ice machine is not in use, please turn off the power at any time. Turn on the power for too long, and the machine button is easily short-circuited by moisture.
        2. The ice machine can only be used to break the ice cubes produced by the ice machine. It is not allowed to play other additives such as fruits, pulp, milk, etc. with the ice, so that the fruit mucus blocks the ice machine drain. Many shopkeepers who reported that the ice machine leaked water, when the door maintenance personnel opened the machine, they found that the inside was slimy. It was these substances that blocked the drain pipe and caused the machine to malfunction.
        3, many ice machine repairs are leaking, 30% of which is because the ice is placed inside the machine, the outside air is cold and forms condensation on the outside of the fuselage, these are normal physical images, just dry with a towel. It is not a machine failure. Please ask the store to carefully identify the specific situation before making repairs.
        4. The belt of the ice machine should usually be replaced once a year. Frequent store owners should regularly check the wear of the belt. After long-term use, the ice machine belt will wear out and will not be replaced in time. The worn debris will be blocked in the machine and affect the quality of shaved ice.
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