What are the common cooling methods for electrical control cabinets

Summary:Fan cooling is achieved by enhancing convection to reduce temperature. The advantages of this method are low investment ...
Fan cooling is achieved by enhancing convection to reduce temperature. The advantages of this method are low investment and low operating costs, but the disadvantages are particularly obvious because the air is convective. Dust, oil stains and corrosive substances in the outside air will also enter the control cabinet together with the air and be adsorbed on the electronic components under the action of static electricity. When the dust is too thick, it will conduct electricity when wet, which will cause short-circuit, burnout and other accidents. There are even such users in China. When the fan's heat dissipation effect is not good, they will be helpless, so they open the case and use the fan to blow directly on the electronic components. The result is that the dust backlog is more serious and the temperature in the working environment is very high. In this case, there is no cooling effect at all.Portable Ice Cube Maker
Air conditioning cooling is divided into two categories: external cooling and internal cooling.
The external cooling of the air conditioner mainly refers to the air-conditioned room. The control cabinet is placed in an air-conditioned room. This cooling method is feasible, but has many disadvantages.
①External cooling cannot penetrate deep into the cooling box, and the cooling of important and important components cannot be guaranteed
②The investment in the computer room air conditioner is large, the operating cost is high, and the volume is large, and the installation is not convenient
③When using the computer room air conditioner, the hot air in the computer room will rise and the air-conditioning will drop, so the heat dissipation effect of the upper part of the control cabinet is not good.
④A large amount of condensed water will be generated when the air conditioner in the computer room is working, which is not easy to discharge
Effective cooling is achieved by installing a small air conditioner inside the control cabinet, thereby realizing the internal cooling of the air conditioner. This cooling method is more effective, and there are many objective problems.
①The cabinet type air conditioner has a large volume, a high operating cost, and a very complicated installation.
②When the cabinet air conditioner is in use, it will also produce condensed water, which is inconvenient to discharge and will cause danger to the electronic components inside the cabinet.
③The cabinet air conditioner will vibrate during use, and the components in the control cabinet are usually more complicated. Once the components are loosened due to the vibration of the air conditioner, it will not only damage the components in the control cabinet, but even affect the operation of the entire production line. .
④The cabinet air conditioner is usually installed on one side of the control cabinet, so the components on the other side may not be able to cool down effectively.
⑤The cabinet type air conditioner is greatly affected by the environment. The filter needs to be cleaned frequently and needs to be overhauled from time to time, which increases the maintenance cost. In addition, if there is an explosion-proof requirement on site, the price of the air conditioner will be more expensive.