What are the small car refrigerators? Which is better?

Summary: The refrigerator used at home is called a household refrigerator, and the refrigerator used in the car is naturally cal...
The refrigerator used at home is called a household refrigerator, and the refrigerator used in the car is naturally called a car refrigerator. As the name suggests, a small car refrigeratorCommercial Ice Machine Suppliers is a refrigerator used in a car, also called a mobile refrigerator. The cooling effect generally depends on different cooling methods and the contents of the refrigerator.
Car refrigerators have large consumer groups in overseas markets, as well as many user groups. Thanks to the terrain and lifestyle of European and American countries, they usually prepare a car refrigerator on their pickup truck or RV. They can use the refrigerator to fill a lot of food and ingredients during self-driving or outings.
However, the vast majority of people in the country have a fast-paced life and do not pay much attention to the life of self-driving and traveling camping; a relatively small part of the population pursues the quality of life and installs a car refrigerator in their car. Therefore, although there is a domestic car refrigerator market, there are relatively few types and brands.
According to the cooling method, there are three types of car refrigerators.
Compressor type car refrigerator
The compressor car refrigerator uses the same cooling method as the household refrigerator, so the cooling effect is good. In this category, Indel car refrigerators are well-known, which can cool down to -18°C, and can be used to heat food in autumn and winter.
Semiconductor type car refrigerator
Semiconductor car refrigerators are relatively light, have many appearance styles, and are cheap; they are welcomed by most consumers in the domestic market, and their shortcomings are also obvious. The refrigeration can only reach 5°C, and the refrigeration temperature cannot be accurately controlled.
Passive car refrigerator with energy storage board
This type is similar to the on-board incubator, which maintains the temperature of the contents in the box through the airtightness of the incubator. Usually, the "cold storage box" can also absorb heat and release cold to reduce the temperature in the box. The price is relatively cheap, and no power supply is required; however, the cold storage box needs to be charged before use.