What is an ice water dispenser

Summary:An ice maker and water dispenser Portable Fridge and Freezer is a machine that dispenses water and, in conjunction with ...
An ice maker and water dispenser Portable Fridge and Freezer is a machine that dispenses water and, in conjunction with an attached ice maker, produces ice cubes. Some countertop ice and water dispensers (such as the Follett E25CI425A-S) include both the water dispenser and ice maker in the same unit. Models like the Follett E15CI100A-CARB also produce sparkling water with a carbonation unit hidden under the counter. Modular ice and water dispensers such as the Ice O Matic CD40530JFW and Manitowoc SFA291 require a separate ice maker on top of the ice maker. The resulting ice cubes are stored by the dispenser for future use. Depending on the design, these machines can be activated by a button, a lever or an infrared beam.

Anyone concerned about ice contamination can benefit from using an ice and water dispenser, as there is no need to scoop the ice by hand. Countertop models are often found in lower-demand office environments. These units are generally not suitable for large restaurants or bars. Larger modular devices can be found in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, aged care facilities, construction sites and mines. Ice is produced in the ice maker and falls into a storage bin inside the machine, where stainless steel arms periodically stir the ice to prevent it from forming solid lumps. A button, lever or infrared beam is used to activate the auger at the bottom of the ice storage container.

The auger lifts the ice from the bottom of the storage bin, forcing the ice up and through the chute into the container. Another switch activates the water solenoid, allowing water to be dispensed into the same container ready for use. The main benefit of ice water dispensers is increased food safety. These devices do not require the user to scoop out ice cubes from the storage bin. This reduces the possibility of accidental contamination of ice through human contact. Customers can get the amount of ice and water they need whenever and wherever they want. Many customers prefer to be served themselves rather than having to wait for it. The ice and water dispenser is a combined hydration station.

Users can fetch water when thirsty and keep cool with ice cubes without having to move to another device. In the hospitality industry, the guest experience is everything. If you can't provide ice and water to guests when they need it, then the overall experience suffers. Ice machines and water dispensers that meet customer expectations can complement the experience of these fickle industries and help increase customer satisfaction. This pays for itself in repeat business and referrals. Many ice makers and water dispensers are small enough to fit on a countertop. This makes them suitable for a variety of installations where space is limited.