What is the function of antifreeze coolant in the car water tank?

Summary: Antifreeze is actually the water in our car's water tank. Of course, antifreeze is used to replace ordinary tap water. ...
Antifreeze is actually the water in our car's water tank. Of course, antifreeze is used to replace ordinary tap water. Its boiling point is high, generally at 120 degrees, while its freezing point can reach minus 40 degrees to minus 60 degrees, which can effectively Prevent the vehicle from boiling, and prevent damage to the water tank or radiator caused by icing in winter.
In fact, the role of antifreezeChina Ice cube machine Suppliers is very simple, it is the medium of engine heat dissipation, which is to cool the engine and keep the engine at normal operating temperature. At present, most of the antifreezes we use are glycol water-based. The advantage of this formula is that it can prevent the formation of scale and extend the life of the water tank.
Coolant, antifreeze, and water tank are all very important maintenance products for automobiles. The three are distinguished as follows:
1. Coolant is an indispensable part of automobile engine. It circulates in the engine cooling system to take away the excess heat generated during engine operation, so that the engine can run at normal operating temperature. When the coolant is insufficient, the engine water temperature will be too high, causing damage to the engine parts.
2. Water tank treasure is an additive that can effectively improve the cooling performance of coolant. It has the functions of anti-rust, anti-corrosion and anti-boiling. It is harmless to metal, aluminum alloy and rubber parts. It helps prevent the engine from overheating and can be used with any antifreeze Liquid and cooling liquid dissolve, protect the water tank and all cooling system components throughout the year. Therefore, the water tank treasure is also a kind of coolant.
3. The full name of antifreeze coolant is antifreeze coolant, which means coolant with antifreeze function, which is a kind of coolant containing special additives. It is mainly used in liquid-cooled engine cooling system. The antifreeze has excellent performances such as antifreeze in winter, anti-boiling in summer, anti-scaling and anti-corrosion all year round. If the engine is overheated, it will affect the working efficiency of the engine, and the cooling parts in the engine will expand excessively due to heat, which will easily break the metal and cause problems such as engine failure.
The antifreeze coolant storage tank of the car is a plastic box with the words LOW and FULL engraved on it. And connected with the water tank through a rubber tube. The water tank is at the foremost position of the engine (closest to the front baffle), a wide and flat box with a lid on it.