Which type of ice maker is more suitable for use in supermarkets

Summary:There are many types of Ice machine on the market now, among which the common ice-making ice shapes are snowflake, block...
There are many types of Ice machine on the market now, among which the common ice-making ice shapes are snowflake, block ice, flake ice and so on. We often see ice machines in milk tea shops. Which ice machine is more suitable for use in supermarkets? Ice cubes in supermarkets are mainly used for the preservation of seafood, aquatic products and poultry. Therefore, when we choose, we must choose according to the characteristics and performance of each ice maker.

Advantages and disadvantages of flake ice machine: The flake ice machine does not need crushed ice, and the flake ice produced can be used directly, so the flake ice machine saves electricity. The flake ice machine occupies a small area and is 1/3 of the block ice machine, so the flake ice machine is trusted by small and medium supermarkets. But flake ice machines are thinner and melt faster than block ice machines. If you use a flake ice machine with a large amount of ice in the supermarket, you can replenish the amount of melted flake ice in time.

Application:Outdoor, Hotel, Garage, Commercial, Household
Power Source:Electric
Certification:CE, GS, RoHS, UL
Power (W):100
Model Number:ice maker
Brand Name:pure life
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
product name:ice maker
Ice making capacity:40kg/24h
Ice shape:Cube
Material:food grade ABS and stainless steel
Ice making cycle:10-35min
Ice making number (each cycle):32 pieces
Ice size:0.9''*0.9''*0.9'
Net weight:17.8kgs/40lbs
Product size:23*23*23mm;

Advantages and disadvantages of block ice machine: The price of block ice machine is more expensive, compared to flake ice machine. The ice cubes produced by our block ice machine cannot be used directly. You need to use the ice crusher to crush the crushed ice, and then put it in the supermarket freezer for refrigeration. The advantage is that the ice cubes have high hardness and are not easy to melt, but the entire equipment occupies a relatively large space, so it is not recommended to buy and use in supermarkets.

According to years of operating ice machines, small fresh supermarkets choose 0.3-1 ton flake ice machines, and medium-sized ones can choose 1-2 ton flake ice machines. Which type of ice maker to choose can also be considered according to the types of fresh food, refrigerated products, ice trays, etc., and then specifically calculate which specification to buy is more reasonable, and whether the supply and demand relationship of ice making capacity is consistent.