Medical car storage box usage instructions


1. Medical electricity = The key storage of car refrige […]

1. Medical electricity = The key storage of car refrigerators is the storage of medicines, experimental reagents, pre-seedlings, medical equipment, precious medicines, etc. that require ultra-low temperature storage.
Second, the medicine prevents contact with the internal cavity of the refrigerator.Commercial Ice Machine Suppliers
3. Drugs placed in refrigerators should be classified according to types, characteristics, main uses, etc., stored neatly, and have prominent signs.
1. General medicines that need to be stored frozen should be marked with the bed number, name, time and time and put into the refrigerator.
2. Precious drugs need to be filed, including bed number, name, time, time, drug name, specification model, usage, total number, etc., for easy retrieval and inspection.


3. The medicines that need to be frozen after opening should be marked with the opening time, time and method of use.
4. If it is a scientific appliance, it should be placed in a cleaning vessel and placed in a refrigerator, with a clear sign.
4. Refrigerators should be managed and maintained by specific full-time personnel, clean the refrigerator every day, wipe and disinfect the refrigerator every week, defrost and record in January (the frost is not thicker than 1cm).
5. The relevant staff carry out regular sampling inspections to ensure that the refrigerator is in a good working attitude. If you find a problem, contact the relevant department immediately to carry out maintenance.
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