What are the uses and characteristics of portable refrigerators

Summary:Nowadays, because of the development of the times, the pace of people's lives is getting faster and faster. Therefore, w...
Nowadays, because of the development of the times, the pace of people's lives is getting faster and faster. Therefore, when buying electrical appliances, more and more people will consider whether the electrical appliances are portable or not. Over time, a series of portable electrical appliances have appeared on the market. The portable refrigerator is a new thing.
Introduction of Portable Refrigerator
The portable refrigerator is an electronic refrigeration device with temperature adjustment function. Someone once asked, if I want to put a refrigerator in the car, is it okay? Nowadays, portable refrigerators have greatly satisfied the needs of this group of people, realizing the desire to put a refrigerator in the car. Imagine that people who drive long distances can greatly alleviate the troubles and fatigue caused by long-distance driving if a portable refrigerator is placed in the car.
The working principle of the portable refrigerator
The portable refrigerator uses the operating principle of the DC compressor. It can realize rapid heating without the addition of Freon during the refrigeration process, and the noise of the machine is particularly low during operation. Because the portable refrigerator system is relatively simple, the possibility of failure is lower and the service life is longer. The temperature setting device on the surface of the portable refrigerator has a memory function, which is convenient for people to operate. The refrigerator adopts microcomputer processing, which can automatically check the fault and adjust according to the indicator light.

The use of portable refrigerators
1. The portable refrigerator is suitable for people to use for short-term travel, such as traveling, sports, and leisure fishing, so that the freshness of food and beverages can be guaranteed.
2. The portable refrigerator is also suitable for medical treatment. When medicines such as vaccines are refrigerated and transported, it can ensure that the medicines will not become invalid.
The characteristics of portable refrigerators
1. It can meet people's daily needs. The refrigerator does not need a fixed power supply. The product is small in size, light in weight and easy to carry, especially suitable for vehicles and travel.
2. Small appearance and strong practicability. Whenever people put it forward, they will feel the charm of its appearance, which is a seasonal commodity that people desire.
3. Compared with ordinary refrigerators, portable refrigerators are more affordable, with more models, and consumers choose more styles.
4. The bottom of the refrigerator is equipped with a thermal insulation layer, even if the handbag is placed on the surface of a high-temperature object, the ice will not melt.