What is a car refrigerator and how does it work?

Summary:A car refrigerator, also referred to as a portable car fridge or a car cooler, is a compact refrigeration unit specifica...
A car refrigerator, also referred to as a portable car fridge or a car cooler, is a compact refrigeration unit specifically designed for use in vehicles. It serves the purpose of providing cooling or freezing functionality while on the go, making it ideal for road trips, camping, and long drives.

Car refrigerators function using either thermoelectric or compressor technology.

1. Thermoelectric car refrigerators: These models utilize the principle of the Peltier effect to create a temperature difference using a thermoelectric module. When an electric current passes through the module, one side becomes cold while the other side becomes hot. The cold side is placed inside the refrigerator, and it cools the interior space. This type of car refrigerator is often energy-efficient, compact, and lightweight. However, it has limitations in terms of temperature range and cooling capacity. It requires less power to operate and is suitable for maintaining cool temperatures, but not for deep freezing.
The "Mobicool T35 Thermoelectric Cool Box" is a popular thermoelectric car refrigerator. It is compact and has a capacity of 35 liters. This model can cool contents up to 18°C below the ambient temperature, making it suitable for keeping drinks, snacks, and medications cool during road trips. It can be powered by a 12V DC car socket and can also run on a 230V AC power supply.

2. Compressor car refrigerators: These models use a compressor and refrigerant system, similar to traditional household refrigerators. A motor-driven compressor compresses the refrigerant gas, causing its temperature and pressure to rise. The high-pressure gas flows through a condenser, where it releases heat and transforms into a high-pressure liquid. The liquid then passes through an expansion valve, resulting in a rapid cooling effect. This cooled gas moves through an evaporator, absorbing heat and lowering the temperature inside the refrigerator. Compressor car refrigerators offer a wider temperature range, better cooling capability, and the ability to freeze items. However, they require more power to operate and are relatively larger and heavier.
An example of a compressor car refrigerator is the "Dometic CFX 40W Portable Electric Cooler and Freezer." This model has a capacity of 40 liters and offers both cooling and freezing functionality. It can cool contents down to -7°C and can also act as a freezer, reaching temperatures as low as -22°C. The CFX 40W can be powered by both 12V DC and 120V AC power sources, providing versatility for different travel scenarios.

To power both types of car refrigerators, a consistent power source is needed. This can come from the car's battery or an external power supply. Some car refrigerators are designed to be directly connected to the car's 12V DC power outlet (commonly known as the cigarette lighter socket), while others can be powered by both 12V DC and 120V AC (standard household power). Additionally, some models may also have a built-in battery that allows them to operate independently for a limited time period without drawing power from the vehicle.

Installing a car refrigerator in a vehicle is relatively straightforward. Most models come with mounting brackets or straps that keep them secure during travel. It is recommended to place the refrigerator in a well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Ventilation is important for maintaining efficient operation and preventing heat build-up.

When organizing items in a car refrigerator, it's essential to consider the temperature settings and separate perishable items from non-perishable ones. Placing ice packs or pre-chilled items in the refrigerator can help maintain the desired temperature and optimize cooling efficiency.

Car refrigerators are generally safe to use and transport. They often have features like auto shut-off to prevent over-draining the car battery, low voltage protection, and even temperature control through a digital display panel.

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