What is the principle of sterile saline ice machine?


The sterile saline ice maker is designed to meet the ne […]

The sterile saline ice maker is designed to meet the needs of surgical operations to continuously produce a soft, non-spike ice sludge. Copy transport of cryopreserved organs such as surgery or emergency surgery.
It can be self-storage, easy to carry and easy to operate. During operation, inject heat conduction medium (freezing point at -37 ° C) into the ice well, then add the required disinfection solution to the ice making basin, and press the control switch. When ice sludge begins to form, simply agitate the solution. If needed after the ice mud is used up, the above steps can be repeated with the same volume of pre-cooled solution. For details, please refer to the introduction of GYWJ-6.China Commercial Ice Machine Suppliers
There is no qualitative difference between the principle of refrigeration and the principle of other refrigeration systems, but the temperature control is more accurate and the temperature is lower:

The refrigeration system is composed of refrigerant and four major parts, namely compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator. The function of the compressor is to compress the lower pressure steam into higher pressure steam, so that the volume of the steam is reduced and the pressure is increased. The compressor sucks the lower-pressure working fluid vapor from the evaporator, raises its pressure, and sends it to the condenser, where it is condensed into a liquid with a higher pressure. After being throttled by a throttle valve, it becomes a pressure After the low liquid is sent to the evaporator, the evaporator absorbs heat and evaporates to become steam with lower pressure, and then sends it to the inlet of the compressor to complete the refrigeration cycle.