What should I do if the car cooling box gets stuck?


After the car water tank is scaled, it can be cleaned a […]

After the car water tank is scaled, it can be cleaned and descaled with a water tank cleaner. The general cleaning agent cannot completely remove the scale and acidity in the water channel, and sometimes it can soak down a large amount of scale that has fallen off, but this will block the water channel and sometimes the water tank needs to be removed for cleaning. If you use a strong cleaning agent of good quality, the scale will be suspended in the form of powder in the coolant, and will not block the water channel in the engine. So when you buy a tank cleaning agent, don't just make it cheap. In addition, to avoid the generation of scale, we must pay attention to the selection of water tank coolant. Many drivers do not pay attention to the use of coolant and its advantages and disadvantages, usually only ordinary water is added to the water tank.

The most common problems in the cooling system are rust, scaling and corrosion. The main reason for this is not using good antifreeze. A good antifreeze is not only a low freezing point, but also hasCar Cooler Box Manufacturers additional components for various functions, which can inhibit foam, rust, electrolysis, and waterproof scale, etc., so it is still reminded that car users should carefully choose a coolant that is beneficial to the water tank . Hope Rong can help you, hope to adopt