Which car refrigerator is better II ?


In terms of cooling methods, there are only two types o […]

In terms of cooling methods, there are only two types of car refrigerator bai: compressor du type / semiconductor type.

Semiconductor-type car refrigerator zhi, its own dao is low in weight, relatively cheap, and more convenient to move; but its refrigeration performance is poor, the minimum refrigeration temperature can only reach 5 ℃, its quality is poor, the failure rate is high, and the power consumption is relatively high.

Compressor-type car refrigerator has good refrigeration performance, the lowest refrigeration temperature can reach -18℃, and the quality is good. The compressor can be used for more than 10 years, the failure rate is low, and the power consumption is relatively low; but the weight is large (compressor 5KG Above), it is not convenient to move, and the price is relatively expensive.
The application scenarios of the two car refrigerators are different. Theoretically speaking, the compressor car refrigerator has a larger temperature range, better performance and more stable use, so the use scenarios are wider; semiconductor car refrigerators are used in many other scenarios (dormitories, daily fresh-keeping Etc.) has a greater advantage, the key is that the price is cheap.

For example, when there are items that need to be frozen, it is recommended to use a compressor car refrigerator; if you are considering occasional use, slightly lower the temperature of the item, you can choose a lower-priced semiconductor refrigerator.

The choice of car refrigerator should be determined according to your own needs. While enjoying the convenience brought by new technology products, it also avoids unnecessary waste.