Which cars come with a car refrigerator?


Volkswagen CC Long Touareg Touareg Scooter Phaeton Tour […]

Volkswagen CC Long Touareg Touareg Scooter Phaeton Touran Puno has its own car refrigerator.
A car refrigerator is a freezer that can be carried on a car. Car refrigerator is a new generation of refrigeration and refrigerating appliances popular in the international market in recent years.China Ice cube machine Suppliers
There are mainly two types of car refrigerators on the market. One is a semiconductor car refrigerator. Its principle is based on electronic chip cooling. The other is a compressor car refrigerator. The compressor is a traditional technology of traditional refrigerators. The refrigeration temperature is low, which is -18. 10 degrees. High refrigeration efficiency, can make ice, keep fresh, and have large volume.