Our HIGH QUALITY CAR 28L REFRIGERATOR is a refrigerator that operates best in warm climates and high humidity. It is perfect for storing food or drinks in your car, RV and boat. The refrigerator works on 12V and 24V to ensure that it can operate safely. It has a stylish design with high quality material to keep the water cool.Product Features: 1. Original imported high-quality compressor 2. Unique refrigerant circuit design to ensure the best performance even after long time of use 3. VIABLE AND SAFE ENVIRONMENT-FRANKENSTEIN Copper condenser 4. Super efficient thermal exchange and heat transfer efficiency 5. Intelligent fridge controller and safe control protection EMC 6. Double insulation, Total heat loss <0.5KW 7. Low noise thanks to sound absorption material for inside the case 8. High quality surface treatment protective paint 9. Powerful modern RV refrigerators made from high-quality materialsThe product is made of high quality material, light weight, durable and easy to operate. The overall design of the product looks more delicate and beautiful. Its compact size makes the product look more compact. The product can be used for both indoor and outdoor occasions. It’s suitable for all kinds of celebrities, such as office ladies.
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12 Months

Fast Cool Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd. is a China HIGH QUALITY CAR 28L REFRIGERATOR suppliers and HIGH QUALITY CAR 28L REFRIGERATOR company.We will reply to you within 12 hours after receiving the inquiry during the working day. We have a processing factory, at the same time, we also have our own international trade department, we produce and sell ourselves.We mainly produce a series of small household appliances, such as car refrigerators, control panels, ice making machines and so on. Our products cover almost the entire equipment manufacturing can be used in the field, mainly finished car refrigerators, compressors, control boards. Yes, in addition to custom products, we also have some standard parts that are mainly used in car refrigerators. We also call them product accessories, including 12v car power cables, baskets, and home adapters.

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