Car refrigerator, storage temperature range is -20℃ ~ -18℃. DC 12V or 24V power supply, it can be connected to the cigarette lighter when using the vehicle; When using at home, it can be powered with a 5V/0.5A adapter(not included).3.7A current with 40W power, fully load provides 80L per day of refrigeration and 20 minutes of defrosting. Featuring C5H10 insulation materials and multi-layer heat preservation technology, low temperature range to ensure safety. The product size is 560 * 286 * 315 (mm), carton size is 652 * 395 * 385 (mm).The DC 15L Car Refrigerator is specially made for people who do not have enough space to place a normal fridge. The refrigerator also has good insulation performance, that's why you can enjoy cold water even in hot summer.The DC 15L Car Refrigerator is specially designed for the car, it has temperature control function. With its compact size, you can enjoy fresh drinks and food in a fully loaded subway or other public transportation.The car refrigerator is designed for use in a variety of vehicles and boats, providing fast cooling for perishable goods such as fruits, vegetables, milk and wine. A dual motor with high efficiency enables continued operation at low temperatures (-20º C) and a fully sealable door with the lock prevents food contamination. The unit is completely maintenance-free and requires no pre-chilling before use.
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Product Details

Product Name DC 15L Car Refrigerator 
Model JK-D15
Climate Type T 、ST、N、SN
Volume 15L
Refrigerant R134a
Voltage DC12v/24v
Power 40W
Current 3.7A/1.85A
Temperature(℃) -20
Insulation Materials C5H10/C-Pentane
N.W/G.W(Kgs) 7KGS/8KGS
Product Size  560*286*315(mm) 
Carton Size  652*395*385(mm) 

Fast Cool Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd. is a China 15L CAR REFRIGERATOR suppliers and 15L CAR REFRIGERATOR company.We will reply to you within 12 hours after receiving the inquiry during the working day. We have a processing factory, at the same time, we also have our own international trade department, we produce and sell ourselves.We mainly produce a series of small household appliances, such as car refrigerators, control panels, ice making machines and so on. Our products cover almost the entire equipment manufacturing can be used in the field, mainly finished car refrigerators, compressors, control boards. Yes, in addition to custom products, we also have some standard parts that are mainly used in car refrigerators. We also call them product accessories, including 12v car power cables, baskets, and home adapters.

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