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Product Name Facial Mask Cooler And Heater
Model YM-01
Refigeration temperature 3C
Heating temperature 45℃
Rated voltage 110V/220V
Rated power 35W
Refrigeration time 3-10 mimutes
Heating time 1- 5 minutes
Regular reminder 10- 20 mimutes
N.W/G.W(Kgs) 0.8KGS/1.4KGS
Product Size 220*163*42(mm)
Packing Size (1 pc) 328*213*56(mm)
Packing Size (10 pcs) 440*345*320(mm)

Fast Cool Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd. is a China FACIAL MASK COOLER AND HEATER suppliers and FACIAL MASK COOLER AND HEATER company.We will reply to you within 12 hours after receiving the inquiry during the working day. We have a processing factory, at the same time, we also have our own international trade department, we produce and sell ourselves.We mainly produce a series of small household appliances, such as car refrigerators, control panels, ice making machines and so on. Our products cover almost the entire equipment manufacturing can be used in the field, mainly finished car refrigerators, compressors, control boards. Yes, in addition to custom products, we also have some standard parts that are mainly used in car refrigerators. We also call them product accessories, including 12v car power cables, baskets, and home adapters.

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