This air-cooled commercial home ice maker is developed to meet the high requirements of today's market. Our ice makers are constructed with high quality materials and strictly inspected by our professional team at every step of production. Air-cooled commercial home ice makers are used in outdoor or indoor applications including garage, hotel, commercial or household.The Air-cooled Commercial Home Ice Maker is designed for outdoor, Hotel, Garage and other commercial applications. It comes with a 100W air-cooled compressor that can keep the unit from over heating, providing clean ice and making it one of your best choices for emergency use.Air-cooled commercial ice maker, suitable for both household and commercial applications. This machine is made of food grade ABS and stainless steel, which prevents bacteria contamination. The 1" cubes will not melt in hot weather conditions. Hurry up to order now!The best choice for your commercial business! This high quality and energy saving commercial electric ice maker produces 40kgs of ice in 24 hours. The machine features long operation time and will make the most of your money.
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Product Details

After-sales Service Provided:None
Application:Outdoor, Hotel, Garage, Commercial, Household
Power Source:Electric
Certification:CE, GS, RoHS, UL
Power (W):100
Model Number:ice maker
Brand Name:pure life
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
product name:ice maker
Ice making capacity:40kg/24h
Ice shape:Cube
Material:food grade ABS and stainless steel
Ice making cycle:10-35min
Ice making number (each cycle):32 pieces
Ice size:0.9''*0.9''*0.9'
Net weight:17.8kgs/40lbs
Product size:23*23*23mm;
S/N ITEM GK-20 GK-30 GK-40
1 Rated Volt/Frequency 220-240V/50Hz 220-240V/50Hz 220-240V/50Hz
2 Unit Model SK-20 SK-30 SK-40
3 Unit Style Air front Air front Air front
4 Electrical Safety Authorization      
5 Climate 10-40℃ 10-40℃ 10-40℃
6 Unit Size(no foot)mm 354x428x617 354x428x617 354x428x617
7 Unit Size(with foot)mm 354x428x637 354x428x637 354x428x637
8 Loading Quantity(20'/40'/40'HQ) 177/369/369 177/369/369 177/369/369
9 Package Size mm 430x505x670 430x505x670 430x505x670
10 Carton Style 2-corrugated 2-corrugated 2-corrugated
11 Package Style base+carton top with
 cardboard support & inforce frame outside. 
base+carton top with
 cardboard support & inforce frame outside. 
base+carton top with
 cardboard support & inforce frame outside. 
12 Net Weight       KG 20 20.25 20.8
13 Gross Weight     KG 21.7 21.95 22.5
14 Ice capacity(Kg/24Hr,23℃ air,10℃ water ) 20 30 40
15 Water tank volum  L 2.4 2.4 2.4
16 Ice basket volume  L 13 11.5 10
17 Cycle time 10-35min 10-35min 10-35min
18 Ice cubes Qty per cycle 24 32 45
19 Ice cube size 23mm x 23mm x 23mm 23mm x 23mm x 23mm 23mm x 23mm x 23mm
20 Ice cube shape square square square
21 Weight of one ice cube 8-10g 8-10g 8-10g
22 Water supply Auto, 0.1-0.8MPa Auto, 0.1-0.8MPa Auto, 0.1-0.8MPa
23 Clean method manually manually manually
24 Timer YES YES YES
  Unit configuration      
25 Main struction(flip/drawer/slide door) slide door, black slide door, black slide door, black
26 Interior structure foaming foaming foaming
  Refrigerant System      
27 Refrigerant R134a R134a R134a
28 Layers of condenser 2 2 2
29 Cooling mode of condenser air cooled air cooled air cooled
  Evaporator structure      
30 Surface treatment of Evaporator nickel plated nickel plated nickel plated
  Other function      
31 Trash ice NO NO NO
32 Cold water NO NO NO
33 Indicator of water shortage YES YES YES
34 Indicator of ice full YES YES YES
35 Others     CE
36 Note/ Size of Ice Cube 23*23*23mm 23*23*23mm 23*23*23mm

Fast Cool Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd. is a China AIR-COOLED COMMERCIAL HOME ICE MAKER suppliers and AIR-COOLED COMMERCIAL HOME ICE MAKER company.We will reply to you within 12 hours after receiving the inquiry during the working day. We have a processing factory, at the same time, we also have our own international trade department, we produce and sell ourselves.We mainly produce a series of small household appliances, such as car refrigerators, control panels, ice making machines and so on. Our products cover almost the entire equipment manufacturing can be used in the field, mainly finished car refrigerators, compressors, control boards. Yes, in addition to custom products, we also have some standard parts that are mainly used in car refrigerators. We also call them product accessories, including 12v car power cables, baskets, and home adapters.

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