Precautions for large ice machines and solutions to common faults

Summary:1. Before turning on the ice machine for the first time or after a long period of power failure, turn on the main power ...
1. Before turning on the ice machine for the first time or after a long period of power failure, turn on the main power switch and control power switch to allow the system to be energized for more than 8 hours, so that the oil heater will heat the lubricating oil to 45-50°C. Let the refrigerant in the lubricating oil be fully vaporized to prevent compressor wear or liquid hammer from affecting the life of the compressor.
2. When the ice maker stops running for a long time, all power switches must be turned off to avoid the risk of electric shock.Hot Popular Ice Machines Suppliers
3. To ensure the long-term and efficient operation of the ice machine, please maintain the machine regularly. Good maintenance of machinery and equipment plays a key role in the performance and life of the equipment. The ice machine equipment should be maintained and managed by full-time personnel. The customer should pay attention to the training of new personnel after the change of maintenance personnel to ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of the ice machine.
4. Compressor maintenance
1. The compressor starts and stops no more than 8 times per hour. The minimum running time is not less than 5 minutes.
2. Check the protection device and all control parts of the compressor.
3. Check whether the wires are firmly connected.
4. Keep the surface of the compressor clean.
5. Check the compressor lubrication immediately after starting up. Change the oil after the first 100 hours of operation, including cleaning the oil filter and magnetic blockage. From now on, the oil must be changed approximately every three years or after every 10000-12000 hours of operation.
5. Compressor oil change operation
Tools required: one vacuum pump, one set of fluoride meter, two 12-inch adjustable wrenches, one nozzle adapter, one fuel pipe
1. Turn on the power to heat the oil to volatilize the refrigerant mixed in the oil, and then turn off all the power switches of the ice maker.
2. Connect a fluoride pipe with a valve to the return air angle valve of the compressor, and close the valve.
3. Close the compressor suction and discharge valves and the oil return valve.
4. Open the valve connected to the fluorine pipe to discharge the gas in the compressor (because the refrigerant is a suffocating gas, the room must be well ventilated at this time, and mechanical ventilation equipment should be added if necessary.) to compress The air pressure inside the machine is the same as the atmospheric pressure.
5. When the pressure inside and outside the compressor reaches a balance, remember the oil level at the oil mirror at this time, unscrew the nut at the oil discharge of the compressor, collect the waste oil in a small bucket or other container, and do not discard it at will. Cause pollution (if there is an oil filter, use the same type of oil or high-pressure nitrogen to clean the filter).
6. Connect nitrogen to the fluorine pipe and blow it into the compressor to blow out the dirt at the bottom of the compressor from the oil drain hole. After processing, install the nut on the oil drain as it is and tighten it.
7. Use two wrenches to unscrew the nut at the oil return nozzle of the compressor (two must be used together to prevent damage), connect an oil nozzle adapter to connect the oil pipe, and then put the other end of the oil pipe into the oil drum ( Note that the tubing must be clean and dry).