Fast Cool Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd is located in Zhouxiang Town,Cixi city, a small household appliance town on the southern shore of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge in Ningbo,China, specialized PCBA, car refrigerator, ice machine, quick cooling machine, and wine making machine. As a famous China Portable Car Refrigerators Manufacturers and Portable Car Fridge factory, We have three production lines with an annual output of 500,000 units. Our car Fridges are exported to more than 10 countries including Korea, Japan, Europe, America, etc. Our company has standard production plants, advanced production equipment, leak detection equipment and standard laboratories. Our wholesale Portable Car Fridge have passed CE, RoHS and other certifications. We have a strict quality management system with comprehensive service capabilities of product design, production, quality control and after-sales, and more than 100 employees, including 10 technical engineers. We are committed to surviving by quality, develoingp by science and technology, persisting in innovation and creation, mastering core technology, and strive to makehigh quality car freezers.
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1.12-Volt DC Power: The 12-volt DC power option is a fundamental feature in car refrigerators, allowing them to draw power directly from the vehicle's electrical system. Typically, car refrigerators c...

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1. Water supply: The ice making process in an ice machine begins with the introduction of water. A clean water source is critical to the quality of the final ice. Some advanced ice machine equipment i...

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1. Clean the inside regularly: Cleaning the inside of your car refrigerator regularly is crucial for long-term food preservation. When cleaning, be sure to remove all food and wipe down interior surfa...

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The Convenience Factor One of the most significant advantages of car refrigerators is their convenience. Traditionally, travelers have had to rely on coolers filled with ice or make frequent stops at ...

1. Why choose our portable car refrigerator?
In this hot summer, we provide you with a fashionable and trend-setting service - portable car refrigerator to make your journey more enjoyable. As people's love for the outdoors continues to grow, we know how important it is to keep food and drinks fresh while traveling. Choose our portable car refrigerator and you will have a whole new dining experience.
Our car refrigerator adopts advanced compression refrigeration technology to ensure stable operation even in high temperature weather, providing you with continuous cooling effect. Whether you're outing, camping or on a long road trip, you can trust our products to ensure your food is always at its optimum freshness. No longer worry about food spoiling on hot days, choose us to make your trip full of relaxation and pleasure.
Our portable car refrigerators are not only powerful, but also designed to be compact, lightweight and easy to carry. For example, our products feature smart folding handles and wheels to make them easier to carry and move when you're on the go. The unique appearance design makes our car refrigerator suitable for any car model and adds a lot of color to your vehicle. Choosing us is not only choosing a car refrigerator with excellent functions, but also choosing a relaxing and enjoyable way of traveling.

2. What makes our portable car refrigerator different?
There are many car refrigerators on the market, but why is our product so unique? First, we are committed to leading technological innovation and using the most advanced compression refrigeration technology. This technology not only reduces the temperature quickly, but also stably maintains the required cooling effect to keep your food and drinks in their best condition. For example, our refrigerators have built-in smart sensors that can automatically adjust the working mode according to the ambient temperature to ensure that your food is not affected by the outside world.
We focus on compactness and efficiency in design. Compared with some bloated and bulky products on the market, our car refrigerator is moderate in size, but its internal space utilization is extremely high. The unique modular design allows you to freely combine refrigeration and freezer spaces according to actual needs, achieving more flexible food storage. Our product is not just a refrigerator, but an intelligent food management system.
We focus on user experience and provide intelligent control and convenient user interface. Through the mobile app or touch screen control, you can easily set the refrigeration temperature, monitor battery status and other information. This intelligent design not only facilitates user operation, but also improves the overall user experience. When you choose our portable car refrigerator, you'll experience a fusion of advanced technology and superior design.

3. Why are we your reliable partner?
Trust and reliability are crucial factors when choosing a car refrigerator manufacturer. We take these two points as our core values and adopt a series of measures to ensure that we are your most reliable partner.
The quality of our products is strictly monitored and tested. All car refrigerators undergo multiple quality inspections to ensure stable operation under various environmental conditions. We base our products on real-world performance and durability to meet our customers' demands for high-quality products.
We provide personalized customized services. Different customers have different needs, and we can customize them according to their special requirements, including appearance design, functional configuration, etc. This kind of customized service can better meet the needs of customers and makes us better become a trustworthy partner of customers.
Most importantly, we focus on after-sales service. Once you choose our product, we will provide you with full support. Whether it is product usage problems or maintenance, we will try our best to provide timely and efficient solutions. By choosing us, you will get more than just products, but also a reliable cooperative relationship. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in the car refrigerator business and creating a better future together.